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Owner Brian Carawan always knew he wanted a business of his own. His entrepreneurial spirit came honestly. Beginning with his grandfather's business, Carawan Oil Company, founded in Greenville NC in 1943, Brian shadowed his grandfather and, along with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he inherited a true understanding for the value of hard work and the pride that comes with a job well done.

BT Carawan was incorporated in September of 2004. From humble beginnings maintaining properties for homebuilders, realtors and residential customers, the company’s hard work, impressive results, and happy clientele allowed the company to prosper into a successful commercial landscaping business. Today, BT Carawan’s skilled, experienced and well-respected landscaping maintenance experts are prepared to take on even the most demanding commercial and industrial jobs. From simple lawn maintenance to the complex restructuring of a storm water management system, BT Carawan can handle it. After all, that’s the Carawan family way.

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