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A barefoot-ready lawn needs BT Carawan's professional turf management.  We understand what it takes to make a lawn look and feel picture perfect.  That's why we do more than anyone to ensure the best looking and most healthy lawns possible.  BT Carawan knows that the health of your lawn comes from many different efforts.  We start with managing the quality of the nutrients your lawn uses to grow, take preventative measures to manage unwanted grasses, then we manage the unwanted weeds that rob your soil of nutrients and impede the health of your grass. 

A nice cool green lawn is a work of art, and something we take great pride in.  With seven regular lawn treatments throughout the year, BT Carawan guarantees your lawn is 95% weed-free.  That's a big guarantee, and we stand ready to back our work up.  So if you've been waiting on a lawn care service that actually treats your yard and gets results, you've found us. 

We manage all types of turf, including Centipede, Rye, Bluegrass, Zoisia, Bermuda, and many others.  While our part is treating the turf for health and vitality, we can consult with you on cutting and watering techniques to ensure the best possible lawn for your family to enjoy.

Below is a treatment schedule for your lawn. Your yard is unique, so please call us for a free analysis and estimate to make your lawn better than you ever thought possible. 

Late Winter

Treatment to prevent crabgrass and other spring weeds


Spot treating any weeds that we find and summer weed preventer

Early Summer

Lawn feeding and inspecting your lawn and treat any weeds we find

Mid Summer

Inspecting your lawn and treat as needed for summer weeds

Late Summer

Lawn feeding and treating late summer weeds


Treatment to prevent winter weeds

Late Fall

Inspecting your lawn and treat as needed for winter weeds



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