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Our Featured Projects

Community Living


Project Goals:
  • Create a distinctive landscape to differentiate Paramore from other communities
  • Increase property value by having the community maintain a golf course-like area
  • Maintain a weed-free turf
Project Challenges:
  • Maintaining 90+ individual homes
  • Working with an HOA board while maintaining resident’s expectations
  • Educate individuals on best maintenance practices
  • Because the Paramore community is growing by 20% each year, we match the demand for maintaining new and existing homes
Brief Project Features:

The HOA requires a weed-free turf but previous landscape management companies have not been able to meet their expectations. Our Turf Management Plan achieves a 95% weed-free turf throughout the year. We also reduced financial waste by reworking their mowing program. After seven years, we have been able to maintain a 90% satisfaction rating with the community.


Multi-Family Housing

Meridian Park

Project Goals:
  • Ensure a presentable landscape appearance at all times
  • Maintain the existing shrubs while providing security for the site
  • Help landscape conform to local ordinances
Project Challenges:
  • Working around 1000 residents and maintaining a safe work environment
  • Maintaining the office outside of regular business hours
  • Working safely around pets and children
Brief Project Features:

This location has one of the largest land areas that we maintain on a weekly basis. Through our efficient crews, we were able to save 15% in labor cost over the previous contractor. Working directly with an on-site owner, we are able to quickly respond to any needs or special requests within 24 hours. Over the past several years, we have worked with the existing shrubbery and trees and have allowed them to mature into a valuable asset. We are maintaining over 300 trees on-site.


Business Landscaping


Project Goals:
  • Maintain a landscape that draws attention to the business
  • Maintain a clean, neat appearance matching the image of the restaurant
  • Allow the landscaping plants to grow
Project Challenges:
  • Service the location during non-business hours
  • Maintain a fixed budget
  • Have location accessible during winter storms
  • Work with landscape plants that are not in an ideal environment
Brief Project Features:

We implemented a Turf Management Plan that has restored the existing centipede turf without having to re-sod. We maintain irrigation at the site to ensure healthy grass and plants. Zaxby’s has benefited from our arborist certification and we were able to remove two diseased trees while saving several others. During winter storms this location has been able to remain open for business while similar restaurants have been closed.