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Commercial Services

Our Services

At BT Carawan, we pride ourselves on ensuring your property looks its best. Along with accreditation in the form of full pesticide licensing, we hold a landscape contractor’s license and an irrigation contractor’s license. This knowledge, combined with our periodic inspections, ensures you’re getting the best quality landscape care. We provide personalized service plans, handle special requests and urgent need calls in the event of inclement weather. For property managers, we offer a portal that allows managers to track progress through uploaded imagery. See below for a full description of our services and thank you for choosing BT Carawan for all of your landscaping needs. 

  • Landscaping
  • Water Management
  • Shrub & Tree Care
  • Turf Management
  • Snow & Ice Control
  • Storm Prep & Response


BT Carawan’s landscape services are second-to-none. We offer comprehensive maintenance and we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to accommodate special requests and schedules.

Our landscaping services include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscape maintenance:
    • Litter patrol
    • Mowing, edging and trimming turf
    • Hardscape clean-off
    • Landscape bed weeding
  • Landscape enhancements:
    • Landscape renovations
    • Seasonal color
    • Landscape bed mulching

NC Landscape Contractor CL1034

Real-time Property Updates

Access your customer portal for current progress updates including photos and task notes for your properties.

Shrub & Tree Care

We maintain trees and shrubs with regular visual inspections for disease or necessary treatments and shaping or pruning at appropriate times of the year.

  • Shrub Care Includes:
    • Shearing & shaping
    • Horticulture treatments – fertilization, weed & pest management
  • Tree Care:
    • Tree trimming
    • Horticulture treatments – fertilization, weed & pest management

Certified Arborist SO6969A

Turf Management

BT Carawan specializes in battling back the growth of weeds and undesirable plants. Our Turf Management Program is designed to tackle these areas using safe herbicides to ensure only unwanted vegetation is removed.

Our Turf Management Program consists of:

  • Proper fertilization
  • Weed and pest management
  • Grub and fire ant control

NC Pesticide Dealer 0037-4329

Water Management

As one of only a handful of licensed irrigation contractors in the area, BT Carawan provides comprehensive irrigation installation and maintenance services.

BT Carawan is professionally trained and skilled in state and local regulations for stormwater management. To help keep your property dry and in line with local stormwater management regulations, BT Carawan works closely with engineers and architects to provide stormwater management systems to commercial properties. 

  • Irrigation Services Include:
    • System inspection services
    • Spring turn on/winterization
  • Storm Water Management:
    • Retention pond maintenance

NC Irrigation Contractor C-605

Snow & Ice Control

You can rely on BT Carawan when the temperature drops. We’ve got you covered with snow and ice management for safety around facilities and homes.

We offer:

  • Pre-event planning
  • Winter storm response
  • Snow plowing
  • Ice mitigation
  • Salting of walkways and driveways

Storm Preparation & Response

When inclement weather is looming, BT Carawan has an action plan for your property. Whether its removal of debris or water runoff, let us help you prepare for unexpected storms and restore your grounds to their manicured state.

Along with regular maintenance of water management systems, we perform periodic inspections to ensure everything is flowing correctly.

Other services we offer during stormy weather:

  • Landscape storm preparedness
  • Storm response/clean-up